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Management System Certifications

Zenith provides audit and certification services as per ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems, ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems to organizations who are covered by various Engineering domains as described below:

  • Manufacture of Textiles
  • Manufacture of Wearing Apparel
  • Manufacture of Leather and related Products
  • Manufacture of Wood Products
  • Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products
  • Printing and Reproduction of Recorded Media
  • Manufacture of Coke and Refined Petroleum Products
  • Manufacture of Basic Pharmaceutical Products and Pharmaceutical Preparations
  • Manufacture of Rubber and Plastic Products
  • Manufacture of Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products
  • Manufacture of Basic Metals
  • Manufacture of Computer, Electronic and Optical Products
  • Manufacture of Electrical Equipment
  • Manufacture of Machinery and Equipment n.e.c.
  • Manufacture of Motor Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-Trailers

Zenith provides these audit and certification services under accreditation regime of Internationally recognised Accreditation Bodies.

Product Certifications:

For European market, CE mark certification services are provided as per EU Regulations and Directives;

  • 2014/35/EU – Low Voltage Directive (LVD)
  • 2014/30/EU – Electro Magnetic Compatibility
  • 2006/42/EC – Machinery Directive (MD)
  • 2014/68/EU – Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
  • 2014/34/EU – Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres (ATEX)
  • 2014/33/EU – Lifts and safety components for Lifts Directive
  • 305/2011/EU – Construction Products Regulation (CPR)
  • 2014/32/EU – Measuring Instruments Directive (MID)
  • 2012/19/EU – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)Directive
  • 2011/65/EU – Restriction of Hazardous Substances in Electronic Equipment Directive(RoHS II)
  • 2009/48/EC – Toys
  • Regulation (EU) 2016/425 – Personal Protective Equipment

The CE mark audit and certification services are provided in co-operation with EU based and recognised Notified Bodies.

For Customs Union (CU) or Commonwealth of Independent states (CIS) countries, EAC certification services as per TR CU (Technical Regulation of the Customs Union):

  • ТR CU 004/2011 – On the safety of low-voltage equipment
  • TR CU 005/2011 – On the safety of packaging
  • TR CU 007/2011 – On the safety of products intended for children and adolescents
  • TR CU 008/2011 – On the safety of toys
  • TR CU 009/2011 – On the safety of perfumes and cosmetics
  • TR CU 010/2011 – On the safety of machinery and equipment
  • TR CU 011/2011 – Safety of elevators
  • TR CU 012/2011 – On the safety of equipment for work in explosive environments
  • TR CU 013/2011 – On the requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuel, fuels for reactive
  • TR CU 014/2011 – On road safety
  • ТR CU 015/2011 – On the safety of grain
  • TR CU 016/2011 – On the safety of devices operating on gaseous fuels
  • ТR CU 017/2011 – On the safety of light industry products
  • ТR CU 018/2011 – On the safety of wheeled vehicles
  • TR CU 019/2011 – On the safety of personal protective equipment
  • TR CU 020/2011 – Electromagnetic compatibility of technical means
  • TR CU 021/2011 – On food safety
  • TR CU 022/2011 – Food products in the part of its marking
  • TR CU 023/2011 – Technical regulations for juice products
  • TR CU 024/2011 – Technical regulations on oil and fat products
  • ТR CU 025/2012 – On the safety of furniture products
  • TR CU 027/2012 – On the safety of certain types of specialized food products, including dietary
  • TR CU 029/2012 – Safety requirements for food additives, flavors and technological aids
  • TR CU 030/2012 – On the requirements for lubricants, oils and special liquids
  • TR CU 031/2012 – On the safety of agricultural and timber
  • TR CU 032/2013 – On the safety of equipment operating under excessive pressure
  • TR CU 033/2013 – On the safety of milk and dairy products
  • TR CU 034/2013 – On the safety of meat and meat products
  • TR CU 037/2016 – On Restriction of the Use of Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Radio Electronic Products
  • TR CU 038/2016 – On Safety of Attractions
  • TR CU 041/2017 – On the Safety of Chemical Products
  • TR CU 042/2017 – On the Safety of Equipment for Children’s Playgrounds

These services are provided in co-operation with Russia based, recognised and accredited Certification Body.

We have competent and adequate human resources in terms of Lead Auditors, Auditors and Technical Experts with commitment to provide effective and efficient audit and certification services, ranging from Quality Management Systems Certifications to Product Certifications confirming to various Standards, Practices and Code of Conduct.

Our audits empower organisations to monitor and update their business processes. This leads organizations to compete and grow at national and international levels.



  • Awareness training/Internal Auditor Training/Lead Auditor Training on ISO 9001, ISO14001, and ISO 45001.
  • Awareness Training on EU Regulations and Directives. 

Disclaimer: All the training programs are conducted at neutral venues. The training materials provided and taught during the training program are available in public domain. Customised training programs which may be misinterpreted as Consultancy are not provided.

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